Maggie Bennett Sculpture
Maggie Bennett Sculpture
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These skulls were scanned from real horse skulls in my collection. They are each 3D printed in black resin. They are delicate, but have been slightly modified in most cases to make them a bit sturdier--the nasal bones have been thickened from the inside, as has a small area of the jawbones. The skulls are numbered on the palate and inside the jaw.

These may be used as armatures for sculptures. If you plan to reproduce your sculpture based on these, please let me know!

Skulls are printed to order. We try to keep some in stock, but it may take several weeks to print, clean, and finish your order.

Each skull is $25. Shipping on skulls cannot be combined with pewter micros.

Random Adult EquineOur choice from the options below, only $20
01 Hunter StallionGrey horse, from England
02 Arabian Mareunknown source, believed to be Arabian
03 Appaloosa Mare I27 year old mare
04 Heavy Hunter MareHuge skull, came from England
05 Mustang x Paso Fino FillyDied at 3 weeks old, chestnut. Printed as one solid piece.
06 Thoroughbred StallionFrom England
07 Quarter Horse Gelding"Shorty", registered QH "Dances With The Sun", died at 24 years old
08 Belgian Draft Mare"Sadie"
09 CobSupposedly "Vanner", was sold as "juvenile" but clearly isn't--I suspect the taxidermist thought cobs were bigger than they often are
10 Tennessee Walking Horse20+ year old gelding, good riding horse who was losing weight to the point that he was euthanized due to pasture injury and poor condition
11 Zebra IEquus burchelli, imported from Africa
12 Miniature Donkey FoalStillborn several weeks early; this skull is tiny and extremely delicate. Printed as one solid piece.
13 Spotted Saddle Horse"Fred", orphaned at 15 hours old, bottle fed, never thrived, found dead at 2 years old. Has a deformed area at joint of jaw on left side.
14 Miniature donkey
15 Zebra IIEquus burchelli. Note that this skull does have some damage like the broken nasal bone. This was a younger animal than #11. Imported from Africa.
16 Draft GeldingThis skull is heavily weathered and the teeth have fallen apart due to being outside.
17 Falabella PonyProbably prepared by boiling, has heavy damage. This is "Bony Pony" and I have the rest of the skeleton as well.Coming Soon
18 Pony, maleUnknown breed, has wolf teethComing Soon
19 Shire StallionFrom Czech Republic, I also have the rest of the skeleton.Coming Soon
20 Appaloosa Mare IILeopard Appaloosa mareComing Soon