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Introducing "Khonsu"

Khonsu is a customized Breyer "Sham". Every inch of this sculpture has been resculpted by me, Maggie Bennett, leaving him entirely new--a true drastic custom. While he still maintains Sham's original pose, I have corrected flaws such as Sham's wildly differing leg lengths and odd proportions. I've also made him into a gelding, which I felt better fit his feel.

After completing the sculpture I have finished him to a softly dappled rose grey (bay gone grey). He is delicately detailed all over with his dapples following hair patterns. Also note his detailed mane and tail, showing the long lines of individual hairs. His finishwork includes acrylics (airbrushed and handpainted), archival ink, and colored pencil. He has been thoroughly sealed for durability.

Since he is a customized Breyer he is eligible to show at Breyer-only shows such BreyerFest Live. I would consider him LSQ (live show quality), but he has not been shown.

I have included many pictures of him; click on any of them to view them larger. If you'd like more pictures just contact me!






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