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Meet "Haidar"! His name means "lion", suiting his attitude and golden mane. Haidar is a OOAK custom Breyer "Lady Roxana" that has been heavily resculpted to this gorgeous Arabian stallion by me, Maggie Bennett. While the pose was not changed, every inch has been carved down or covered up--this is essentially an original sculpture, as none of the original surface contours remain. Haidar is, therefore, a truly drastic custom.

His head was sculpted from scratch, including a flowing forelock and open mouth with teeth and tongue. He just exudes attitude!

I removed the original's very long tail, so a base became necessary. Haidar stands securely with a metal support that runs up into his foreleg; he is easily removable from his base.

He does not represent a show-groomed horse; his mane is tangled and his legs--while not hairy--do not show the pinkish skin of a freshly-clipped and washed horse. He's not dirty, but he hasn't been polished up either! To fit with his pasture look, I have not glossed his hooves, but if his new owner prefers them glossed I am happy to do so. His eyes and open mouth (teeth, tongue and all) are glossed.

I painted him with many layers of acrylics (both airbrushed and handpainted), pigments, and pencil. He has been sealed with many layers of Dullcote for strength.

Haidar is a small traditional scale CM Breyer model horse. He stands approximately 7.5" tall by 9" long. Since he is a customized Breyer he is eligible to show at Breyer-only shows such BreyerFest Live. I would consider him LSQ (live show quality), but he has not been shown.

I have included many pictures of him; click on any of them to view them larger.






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