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Cooper side view
This is Cooper, pictured in unpainted white resin.

This is Cooper, a traditional scale Arabian gelding. He is performing an extended trot, perfectly on the bit and suitable for performance with his braided mane and tail. Cooper is a portrait sculpture of the real Arabian gelding Cooper, owned by Carra McClelland. Carra sent me over 800 photos to use to ensure that this sculpture was as close as possible to the real horse.

Cooper is sold out.

Cooper was cast in artist's resin by Mountain View Studios. Cooper's two small bases are cast them in clear resin to make them as inconspicuous (and performance-friendly!) as possible.

You are free to modify your Cooper resin in any way--change his mane and tail, reposition him, anything you like! However, you may not cast the result.

Cooper's original sculpture is pictured below in grey primer--the primer is easier to photograph than bright white resin! His bases are also painted black below, but are actually transparent now!

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