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BreyerFest 2020

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Kaladin, traditional scale, white resin$475SOLD!
Mini Kaladin, venti scale (1:20 scale), white resin, very heavy wire in legs, may have bubbles in mane or other minor flaws. These early castings may have wires close to the surface and are offered at a discount!$125SOLD!
Tumbleweed, closed edition, finishing out the mold, white resin$400SOLD!
Amarant, closed edition, finishing out the mold, white resin$400SOLD!
Whirlwind, closed edition, finishing out the mold, white resin$400SOLD!
Hornet, closed edition, finishing out the mold, NO STAND, but does have rod--bases may be available later, white resin$400SOLD!
Traditional scale scanned and 3D printed horse skulls!$20-25 Click here to see all available skulls and to order!
Set of three stickers$11
Random pewter micro mini! This may be a first or second quality micro mini. We choose which one you get, but if you order multiple we will try to send you different ones!$35
Random pewter micro mini TEN PACK! These may be first or second quality micro minis. We choose which ones you get, but they will not all be the same! There will be duplicates depending on availability but we will try to give you as much of a variety as possible.$300
Micro mini wings, choose open or closed. Colors vary and do not always match between the pair!$5
Choose wings
Tiny unicorn horns, 3D printed in translucent green resin. $5 a pack, micro pack has 4 micro-sized horns, SM pack has 2 SM-sized horns, trad pack has 1 traditional-sized horn.$5
1:54 (micro mini) barrels. Available in resin or pewter, have peg to help them stay in place. $5 each





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