Trenzetter: Traditional Scale P.R.E. Stallion

Trenzetter is a modified version of my Trenzado sculpture, produced in artist's resin. He represents a spirited Pura Raza Espaņola (or Andalusian) stallion showing off, prancing and tossing his head. He's not intended to represent a horse being forced into an artificial frame, but rather an excited horse showing off all on his own!

He's got details galore, from fine hair on his fetlocks to tiny veining and wrinkles--lots of goodies that are really more visible when you're holding him in your hands than in these pictures.

Trenzetter was produced in an edition of roughly 100 pieces, plus up to 20 artist's proofs. He was cast by Mountain View Studios in wire-reinforced resin with his base permanently attached.

You are welcome to modify your copy of Trenzetter in any way you like; however, you may not cast or reproduce the resulting work in any form.

Trenzetter is now sold out!

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