Trenzado: Traditional Scale P.R.E. Stallion

Trenzado is a brand new original sculpture, currently being produced in artist's resin. He represents a spirited Pura Raza Espaņola (or Andalusian) stallion showing off, prancing and tossing his head. He's not intended to represent a horse being forced into an artificial frame, but rather an excited horse showing off all on his own!

He's got details galore, from fine hair on his fetlocks to tiny veining and wrinkles--lots of goodies that are really more visible when you're holding him in your hands than in these pictures.

This version of Trenzado will be produced in an edition of approximately 100 pieces, plus up to 20 artist's proofs. He is being cast by Mountain View Studios in wire-reinforced resin with his base permanently attached. I have some resins in hand as of his release time, so shipping on the initial few will be very quick! After that, they will ship as I receive them from MVS, typically about 5-10 per week. This means that depending on how many orders I receive it could take several months to ship your horse--please plan for this possibility.

There will be a second version of Trenzado with a modified mane. That version will have similar edition numbers to the first (long maned) version, for a total between the two versions of 200-250 Trenzados.

You are welcome to modify your copy of Trenzado in any way you like; however, you may not cast or reproduce the resulting work in any form.

Trenzado is now available at $260 plus shipping and handling ($15 in the USA, $40 outside the USA, typically shipped USPS Priority Mail). I do accept time payments, with standard 4 month terms (four monthly payments of $68.75 with USA shipping or $75 with international shipping), or other terms to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.



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Please make sure your mailing address is up to date, as I do try and ship as quickly as possible. I am happy to send your Trenzado to another artist to be painted, but please note where you want him sent on the payment so he goes to the right place!


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Click on any image to enlarge. These images are of an unpainted, unprepped (so some seams may be visible) resin casting from the edition--just like what you will receive!

The following photos were taken under different lighting conditions--the ones above show better detail, but I thought these might be useful as well!

He looks great painted, too!






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