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Meet Duelo! Duelo is an all-new sculpture, representing a stallion of Iberian type. He could be anything from a Spanish Norman to a Campolina--tons of color and breed options here!

Duelo is cast in white resin by Mountain View Studios. He has steel reinforced legs and tail. Although my pictures are not great (I'll have to take some of the unpainted resins), he's got lots of detail over a correct structure.

You may modify your Duelo in any way you like, but you may not cast the result.

Duelo is limited to a one mold edition of approximately 60-75 pieces.

New! Duelo is now $275 unpainted including USA shipping, or $300 including shipping outside the USA for orders paid in full! I've decided to offer this discount to customers who pay in full due to how much less time it requires on my end.

Duelo is $300 (USA)/$325 (international) for time payments.

Each Duelo will come with a carrying bag. This bag is three layers: 100% pure silk next to the horse to protect finishwork, 1" upholstery foam for a protective layer, and fabric outside. These bags are custom made for Duelo and have his name and picture on the front! The exterior fabric will vary, so please be prepared for that. Duelo will ship in his bag for safety!

I have set up a PayPal button to simplify ordering. If you need your Duelo shipped to a different address than you have registered with PayPal, please include the correct address in the Address (preferred) or Notes section. You may use this button either to pay in full or to begin time payments.

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You may use the button below to make payments 2-4 on your Duelo. Please note you must have already started time payments--you may not make an initial payment using the button below.

Shipping location

The majority of Duelo's edition has already been cast. However, shipping may be delayed somewhat for various reasons. I'll do my best to get your resins to you in a timely manner!

Photos below are of the original sculpture. Click on any photo to open it much larger.









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